We’re a strategy-led design and innovation studio

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We create opportunities for design to happen

Common Good is a strategy-led design studio. We develop products, services and experiences which are both people and business focussed.

As the world becomes more complex we help businesses simplify their systems, processes and behaviours. Applying design to create exceptional products and customer experiences.

We work with diverse partners including the United Nations, Canyon Bicycles and the UK National Health Service. Applying design to help find refugees sustainable work, improve the end-to-end experience of blood donation or to redefine the experience of purchasing products and services online.

Co-creating and collaboration

Our work spans design research, service design, user experience design, business design and prototyping. And our approach facilitates companies to become more customer-centric by helping them adopt a human-centred mindset. We prototype our thinking from day one, co-creating with clients and partners to deliver relevant and inspiring solutions.

Make the world a better, smarter and simpler place

We’re a small team working on big challenges and we have a unique mindset, approach and culture. Our purpose is to make the world a better, smarter and simpler place through design.

We only pursue projects and relationships which allow us to create positive change and value. And we only work with people, companies and organisations who are inherently good. By this, we mean the products and services they provide are born out of an ambition to make a positive contribution to the world. Benefiting their customers by making their lives easier, healthier and more fulfilled.

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