We’re attracted to people and businesses with a clear sense of purpose

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A strong sense of purpose and values

Common Good collaborate closely with like minded brands, businesses and organisations. People who have a strong sense of purpose and values – a clear reason to exist outside of just making profit. 

We believe purpose helps tell your story. It builds and defines your product or service and defines your culture, the people you hire and ultimately how successful you are as a business or organisation.

Common Good search out opportunities which allow us to take on new and diverse challenges, helping client partners improve and grow their businesses through smart working and innovative thinking.

Thriving relationships and team work

Partners benefit from our ability to challenge their assumptions and see their problems differently. Our outsider’s perspective helps identify problems they can’t always see.

We understand success is based on thriving relationships and teamwork. We achieve this by listening to and observing the needs of our clients and their particular cultures while ensuring we exist outside of their world to maintain our perspective.